Just your friendly neighborhood liberal lady....

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Just your friendly neighborhood liberal lady....

Post  Swampguy on Wed Sep 28, 2016 5:57 pm

Or, maybe not!

The liberal mindset in action. Must be a miserable life to be so misguided and so angry! I feel sorry for her husband, IF she has one. Warning....language unbecoming a lady.....which she isn't.

The officer should have explained to this little sweetheart that ‘the finger’ is sign language for ‘FXXX YOU’ and although she has a right to express herself, if it’s deemed insulting by the one she’s expressing to, there may be repercussions. AND if she wishes to test this theory she should roll her windows down and drive through the nearest black neighborhood yelling the "N word" to all of the nice people out on their porches and see what happens then!



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