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Max Wifeschild

Oct 18, 2016  

I spent some time visiting friends recently and I was able to live the life of a normie American in a world of Pozivision. Pozivision is Television plus Poz. New Pozivision concepts are market tested in the U.S. before being rolled out to the rest of the planet for global pozzing efforts.

During my visit I was exposed to multiple hours of Pozivision, something I’ve not experienced in untold years. It is easy to see how people remain hypnotized and cannot get out of the situation. Pozivision bombards normies constantly with degeneracy, bad life habits, and generally backwards and broken beliefs. Even worse, it poisons children from a very young age with sexuality, deviancy, and a hatred for European culture and history.

Pozivision lowers thinking ability and allows the ejaculations of the globalist elite to spurt deep into the collective rectum of the U.S. public. If you must watch Pozivision, you should carefully handle it as if you were handling deadly biohazard material lest you get infected as well.

Even as a righteous Alt-Right warrior I felt the effect of Poz wanting to seep in just with my brief exposure. I knew I would have to remove myself from the environment before I started feeling the urge to adopt an African child and post about how racist the world is on Facebook.

In the interest of science, I remained detached and collected my notes. Here are the common themes I saw in the ads and entertainment available just in one day of Pozivision viewing.

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