The Color of Crime in Chicago.

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The Color of Crime in Chicago.

Post  fortuna on Wed Nov 23, 2016 3:56 pm

I don't know that the CPD pie-charts are accurate, but these are staggering numbers!
FYI !!

As to the question at the end, because it's not politically correct! The really sad issue here is that democrats have been "in charge" of Chicago (and most major cities) for the past half century or more and our government (federal, state & local) have spent billions to help minority's, especially black. Yet the schools, neighborhoods, and daily lives of those living in these cities have gotten worse, not better. So, if entitlement is not the answer, what is the answer? And how do we do it, how do we change the environment?!

The Color of Crime In Chicago

According to the 2010 Census, African-Americans are32.4% and Hispanics are 28.9% percent of Chicago ’s population. Whites are31.7% percent.

96.8 percent of homicides in Chicago are committed by African-Americans and Hispanics. (Whites and Asians who make up 38.7% of the population committed 3.2% of the homicides)

93.3 percent of rape in Chicago is committed by African-Americans and Hispanics.

Of the 2,759 robberies committed in Chicago in 2009, 2,352 of those robberies were committed by African-Americans, which means thatAfrican-Americans are responsible for 85.2 percent of robbery in Chicago. 10.8% of robberies are committed by Hispanics for a total 96% for BOTH races

Aggravated Assault
Source:2009 Annual Report, Chicago Police Department
It is clear that 96.8 percent of homicides, 93.3 percent of rapes,96 percent of robberies, and91.8 percent of aggravated assaults = 94.5 percent of all violent crime in Chicago -is committed by African-Americans and Hispanics.

If African-Americans and Hispanics were removed from Chicago , 95 percent of violent crime in Chicago would disappear along with them.

How does race have nothing to do with crime? Why does the media pretend there isn’t a connection here?


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