Welding Supply truck explodes.

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Welding Supply truck explodes.

Post  fortuna on Mon Nov 06, 2017 6:09 pm

Welding supply truck explodes.  All caught on a dash cam!  WOW!
Have you wondered what would happen if a delivery truck carrying hazardous
materials, such as oxygen and acetylene welding gas cylinders, had an accident
in front of you?  View the video below for what actually happens.  It's
spectacular - and just when you think it's all over - it's not!  So, the next
time one passes you on the road, give him LOTS of room.
The picture freezes for a short time in the middle, but resumes after a few
seconds. Don't know what country this is in.  Note about 2:55 when a tank takes off like a Polaris missile in the upper right of the picture, and later another acts like a torpedo scooting along the road.  Can't believe the idiots that stay so close to take photos.

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