KIDS look up to these CREEPS?

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KIDS look up to these CREEPS? Empty KIDS look up to these CREEPS?

Post  fortuna on Fri Sep 14, 2018 2:27 pm

Children raised in fatherless homes, especially black children, are far more likely than children raised in two-parent homes to engage in criminal behavior and thus, have contact with police. Ergo when they father a child with a woman to whom they are not married - or at least living with - they are contributing to the problem against which these football players are taking a knee.

If you look at many of these players' records on out-of-wedlock children, you find that they are contributing significantly to the problem against which they are protesting.

For example, Antonio Cromartie has 12 children by 9 different women. Apparently, the NFL had to shell out $500,000 before he could even play football for them.

Travis Henry has 11 children by 10 women, Willis McGahee has 9 children by 8 women, Derrick Thomas has 7 children by 5 different women, Bennie Blades has 6 children by 6 women, Ray Lewis has 6 children by 4 women and Marshall Faulk has 6 children by 3 women.

They forgot to include Adrian Peterson. 11 kids from 7 different women?

Before these guys take a knee they should take a good look in the mirror. It appears that their problem is not the knee. It’s the weenee


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