Hillbitch meets with Florida Election Officials. Very Troubling.

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Hillbitch meets with Florida Election Officials. Very Troubling.

Post  fortuna on Sun Oct 30, 2016 6:46 am

Hillary Meets Surreptitiously With Florida Election’s Official
by S. Noble • October 27, 2016

According to Project Veritas videos, the Democrats coordinate routinely and illegally with their PACS and now we find out per Roger Stone that Hillary Clinton has met behind closed doors with a top election’s official in the most important Democrat county – Broward County – in the most important state of Florida. Broward has had problems and the supervisor of elections she met with is said to be incompetent. What could that meeting be about?

Is she going door-to-door selling State Department furniture too?

Don’t be surprised if Donald Trump doesn’t get one vote in Broward County.

This is similar to Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton at the same time as the decision was being made by Comey about Hillary’s illicit use of a basement server for classified government documents.

This is why Hillary is missing. She’s probably surreptitiously meeting with elections’ officials around the country while Trump is getting lambasted for taking an hour or so to open his new hotel.

The gall of these people who think they consider themselves so much above the law.

I know, Obama could pass an EO making bribery legal and the problem would go away if there is a problem. The Clintons can do anything they want.


This came in after publication and it is interesting.

Hillary’s best chances to win Florida come out of Broward and Dade Counties. Historically, both counties have had problems with multiple voting irregularities.

This latest mistake could be deliberate to present double voting for Hillary Clinton.

Broward sent out a flawed ballot to 173,000 Democrats. It was missing the second page with a marijuana referendum. To correct the problem, they sent out another 173,000 ballots to the same people.
There are several reports of Democrats receiving multiple ballots while Republicans aren’t getting their ballots in Broward County. There was a screw up and the solution was to send out a second set only it went to the Democrats. It could allow for two ballots to be counted from the same constituency.



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